Doncaster By Election – Polling

February 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1888

The Election In The Doncaster Division
Polling Yesterday
How the Division Voted
Interesting Particulars

The polling for a representative for the Doncaster division of the West Riding, in the room of Mr Walter Shirley (Gladstone Liberal) resigned, opened at 8 o’clock yesterday morning.

The candidates were Mr J Spencer Balfour (Gladstone in liberal) and the Honourable H.W.Fitzwilliam (Unionist Liberal), was supported by the Conservative party.

The friend of Mr Fitzwilliam expressly no conviction that they would use of our record against them in the last occasion, and members of Parliament of assisted in the contest on their return to the cathouse express their opinion that the men he still cannot would be return.

The Liberals were equally sanguine of Mr Balfour’s triumph and did their best to justify this confidence.

Conisborough and Denaby

At Conisborough and Denaby matters are very quiet indeed. The politician was the Board school, Conisborough and it was only in the immediate neighbourhood that any stir could be seen.

At o’clock about 250 voters out of a possible 570 had visited the booth, and the poll here as elsewhere is expected to be large. After giving the Liberals all the doubtfuls and neutrals, the Unionist were confident that Conisborough would be a majority of 111 in favour of Mr Fitzwilliam.