Doncaster By Election – Feeling Runs High

February 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1888

Doncaster by-election

The Doncaster Parliamentary division is quite in a ferment. “Who will get in?” Is asked by everyone.

Conisborough is no exception, and party feeling runs very high. All the leading question of political life are debated and argued upon everywhere and upon all possible occasions. It is amusing to say the least, to listen to many of the voters argument out some of the knotty points of politics.

A great deal of very forcible languages is used, and when that fails to convince an opponent, the argument generally takes an often in the higher grades of debaters, the course of abusing the opposite party.

I was sorry to see a party of Conisborough work men throwing snowballs at the driver of a carriage belonging to some members of the Fitzwilliam family. Whatever man’s political opinions give him a fair hearing; and then beat him in fair argument if you can.

Don’t despise a man because he holds any particular political or other opinions.