Doncaster Guardians – Distress Among Glassworkers

January 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 28 January 1922

Doncaster Guardians

Distress Among Conisborough Glassworkers

Extract from Report :

Mr. Urch (Conisboro) drew attention to the state of the Conisborough glass workers. He said the glass works had practically closed down. The men were out of work, and some had large families to keep on 22s unemployment and 4s. 6d from the union.

The men’s union could do no more because in Conisborough branch alone nearly £3,000 had been paid out. It was the first time he had ever known the Conisborough glassworkers appeal for help. They did not like to do it, they wanted work, but there was no work to be had.

There was a slump throughout the country in the glass trade. They knew the unemployment “dole” —it was practically nothing else —was practically an insult to people.

What could a man with a wife and children do with that money?

He could say that those men had had money, had saved, but now, after 15 months, it was all gone. They were careful men, and were sorry to have to come and ask for help. He wished the Board could do something for them.

The Clerk pointed out that relief to an able-bodied man was entirely illegal, but he was sure all necessitous cases would be attended to by the relieving officers and himself.