Doncaster Makes Its Bow In Denaby

November 1967

South Yorkshire Times November 11, 1967

Doncaster Makes Its Bow In Denaby

There was a feeling of nostalgia in the Board Room of Denaby Main Industrial Co-operative Society on Friday when the Directors met for the last time in their capacity as Directors of the Society, and before, on Monday, Doncaster Co-operative Society took over the Denaby Society under the recent merger plan.

Changing Times

Mr. W. Thomas (President) said it was in the interest of progress and changing times that the merger had been arranged. It was sad to say farewell at any time, hut it was a case of saying farewell to servants and colleagues who had served the Society well.  He hoped under the new regime everything would do well, and that they would be as happy to serve under the new Society as they had been keen to have served under the old. Several other Board members and branch Managers also spoke.

Mr E Sheldrake, Chief Executive Officer, spoke appreciatively of corporation he had received from the staff and thank them, and the Directors.

Mr Arthur Oakley (Vice president) on behalf of Board members, thanked Mr Sheldrake for the great assistance rendered to the Board I recall that Mr Sheldrake was a “product of their own Society.” On behalf of o the Board he extended good wishes for his future.

The First Meeting

Our Denaby Correspondent, Mr. T. Holcroft, recalls that the first public meeting which employees and their wives were invited was held on April 23rd, 1883. Mr. W. H. Chambers, the then Managing Director of Denaby Main Colliery, was appointed Chairman and the first Committee comprised Messrs. W. H. Chambers, Houldsworth, Rose, Oswald, Dainty, Blunt, Davies and W. Chambers. The building they took over was then known as Denaby Main Stores and this became the first shop of the Society, later known as Central Premises. At a meeting on May 16th, 1883, 51 people gave in their names to become shareholders, and the names of Messrs. Cramp, Sylvester, Adams and Hutton were added to the committee.

At a meeting on May 17th of that year it was decided thatthe Society should be known as the Denaby Main Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd.

September, 1883

On September 6th, 1883, it was proposed and seconded that, “The Common Seal of Denaby Main Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., be affixed to the said Society,” and this was carried unanimously.

Thus Denaby Main Stores virtually died and Denaby Main Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., made its bow.

Now it can be added that on Monday, November 6th, 1967, Doncaster Co-operative Society,with whom it has.t been integrated, made its bow in Denaby.