Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers  4 Denaby 1 – Doncaster Outclass Denaby.

9 January 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 09 January 1911

Doncaster Outclass Denaby.

Doncaster Rovers  4 Denaby United  1

Doncaster Rovers continued their victorious career on Saturday, and obtained a couple of points by an easy victory over Denaby, the second out of three attempts.

The visitors made a strong effort in the first half and scored by Dodsley, but they were outclassed by the Rovers, Bromage and Green t scoring before the interval.

The second half was always in favour of Doncaster (though once Stokes cleared with difficulty), and Jex and Woodruffe further increased the home total.

The feature of the Rovers’ play was the brilliance  and dash shown the forward line. The halves fed the forwards splendidly, and the backs defended strongly. Stokes, with one exception, was always to be relied upon.

Mexborough’s Big Win.

Mexborough Town  5  Barnsley Reserve 3

Mexborough Town’s victory over Barnsley Reserve was on the big side. To wipe off a deficit of three goals and to put on five was performance of much merit.

After half an hour play Barnsley apparently had the game in hand with goals stored Bratley, Kay. and Birtles, but before the interval Connelly replied for the home team, who played a great game in the second half and added through Tomlinson, Tomkins, Wathey and Murray.

The way the Mexborough forwards converged ‘ upon the Barnsley goal was treat to see. Wathey and Tomlinson, the extreme wingers, were prominent in a series of flying raids, and the defence after a shaky start, settled down to work.

Barnsley had strong side out, but well as their attack shaped, their defence fell away. Birtles, Kay and Bratley were their best men.