Dr Hills’ Resignation

September 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 September 1890

Dr Hills’ Resignation

At the fortnightly meeting of the Board ‘of Guardians of the Doncaster Union, held last Saturday, we find that Dr. HILL- sent in his final resignation of the appointment of public vaccinator to the Conisborough district of the Doncaster Union.

We regret that Dr. Hills should have thought it advisable to take such a step as this, because there can be no doubt that the Guardians were prepared to stand by him, and, if necessary, to defend his cause. Everyone who has watched this enquiry from its commencement to its end can come only to one conclusion. viz., that Dr. Hills’ conduct has been that of a gentleman, or as one of the Guardians at the meeting on Saturday put it, ” that of a thorough gentleman.” Over and over again we have heard it repeated, “That an enemy bath done this,” ” that there has been an enemy behind the bush,” etc. There can be no doubt for one moment that Dr. has been the victim of conspiracy, from whatever quarter the attack may have come.

There is an old saying that “murder will out” -for surely it is a cruel murder to attempt to destroy any man’s character. We hope that this old proverb may prove true in the present case. At any rate we will wait and watch.

Under any circumstances there can be no doubt about it that Dr. Hills comes out of this investigation without a stain upon his character, either morally, socially, or professionally, and by his straightforward conduct he has won for himself not only the sympathy, but what must be of more importance to Dr. Hills even than that—the respect and good will of all classes of society in the district.