Drove When Disqualified – Conisbrough Man Gaoled

January 1956

South Yorkshire Times January 14 1956

Drove When Disqualified
Conisbrough Man Gaoled

Sentence of six months imprisonment was imposed at the West Riding Quarter Sessions, Wakefield, on Wednesday, on John Henry Brannan (26), labourer, of Dylan Avenue, Conisbrough, after he pleaded guilty to driving a car while disqualified from holding a driving licence.

Mr H.S. Pears, prosecuting said Brannan was disqualified at Rotherham Borough Court on September 27 last year after pleading guilty to driving without insurance.

On November 4 Brannan was seen by two officers, driving a car in Conisbrough. The officers knew him, but were unable to stop him. Soon after, however, D.O. Bell, who was driving his own car, also saw Brannan. The officer followed Brannan’s car till it stopped outside a house.

D.O. Bell spoke to accused and asked to see his driving licence.

Brannan replied: “You know I have not got one. My mate brought it down.” Asked about his “mate,” he said the man had gone to Doncaster.

In evidence, D.O. Bell said that Brannan had seven previous convictions and had served a sentence of three years corrective training.

The Chairman (Mr H Bentley) told Brannan that the Bench felt that he had committed the offence deliberately.