Drunk and Disorderly

October 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 12 October 1912

Drunk and Disorderly

Thomas Ripley, miner, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly at Conisboro’ on Saturday, and was fined 2/6 and casts, or 7 days.

John Wilson and Alf. King, for a like offence, were each fined 5/- inclusive.

Patrick Kilroy, miner, Denaby, pleaded guilty to a similar offence at Denaby , on Saturday night. There were five previous against him, and be was fined 2/6 and costs. There was a like charge against him for Sept. 21st, to which he also pleaded guilty, and for this he was fined 2/6 and 4 – costs, or 7 days.

John McHale, miner, Bolton-on-Dearne, was charged with a similar offence. Asked to plead, he said, “I own I was drunk right enough.”

The Clerk: Have you anything to say?

Defendant said he had to very bad cold and got a glass of whisky.

The Clerk: I should think you had many whiskies before that?

Defendant: No, only beer.

He was fined 2/6 and costs, or 7 days.

Joseph Whitehouse, for a similar offence at Mexboro’, on Saturday night, was also ordered to pay 2/6 and costs, defendant, who pleaded guilty, saying he had nothing to say.