Drunken Assault Costs Denaby Brothers £45

September 1959

South Yorkshire Times September 26, 1959

Drunken Assault Costs Denaby Brothers £45

Two Denaby brothers, who were found guilty of assaulting the police, were ordered at Doncaster West Riding Court on Tuesday to pay a total of £45

Accused were Ernest Milnes (33). miner, of Edlington Street, Denaby, and John W. Milnes (34), miner, of Sprot borough Street. Denaby.

Both were charged with being drunk and disorderly and with assaulting P.c. John Boyle in the execution of his duty.

Ernest was also charged with damaging the constable’s tie. There was an alternative charge of conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.

They were fined f10 each for the assault and £2 each for being drunk , and disorderly. Ernest was fined a further £1 for damage to the tie. In addition both men had to forfeit £10 each because they were on probation for a previous offence, and had broken their bond.

Police Sergt. Albert Pearson said at 12.15 a.m. on Sunday, August 23rd he was at Denaby Police Station when P.c. Boyle arrived minus his helmet and tie after being assaulted. He went with Boyle to Edlington Street and they saw the prisoners who were drunk and aggressive. Witness was taking Ernest Milnes to the police station but had to release him to help Boyle who was struggling with the other man. They struggled with John but he got away. They took Ernest to the police station. Ernest said “We will get a gang of a dozen and beat you.”

Later the other brother came to the police station with three women and demanded the release of Ernestt. The women, who had been drinking but were not troublesome, were sent away and John was arrested. Both men were put into the cells.

Sergeant Pearson said the trouble with these men started shortly before midnight when they were told to stop playing an accordion in the Street. There had been a 21st birthday party.

Mr. John Marshall. for the defence, said there was some doubt whether the men were drunk and he suggested the affair might not have finished as it did had it been handled differently.