April 1909

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 3rd 1909


Fines for drunkenness and disorderly conduct were imposed as follows: —

James Greenwood, labourer, New Conisboro’, 2/6 and costs

Joseph Brannan, ‘miner, New Conisboro’, 20/- inclusive;

James Hunt, miner, New Conisboro’, 5/- and costs;

Myles McHale, miner, New Conisboro’, 5/- and costs

Fred Blackburn, filler, New Conisboro’, 7/6 and costs,

Agnes Sutton, married woman, Mexborough.’ against whom there were 22 previous conviction, fined £1 inclusive;

David Ready filler, Dalton Brook, 5/- and costs

Robert Bedford, miner, Bolton-on-Dearne, 7/6 and costs,

Charles Henry Comer, glass-hand, Mexboro’, 20/- inclusive;

William Garbutt, filler, New Conisboro’, 5/- and costs;

Harry Ellis, pit-sinker, Stainton, 5,/- and costs-,

Frank Ford, miner, Swinton, 5/- and costs;

Jack Harris, Conisboro’, 2/6 and costs.