Drunkenness at Conisborough

November 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 9, 1888

Drunkenness at Conisborough

John Smith, Carter, Mexborough, was charged with being drunk at Conisborough on the 28th ult.

Defendant did not appear

police constable Drury said on the Sunday afternoon in question at 2.40 he saw the defendant drunk in Church Street, Conisborough stop he was lying in the middle-of-the-road; another man came up and promised to lead him home, but as he was going away he fell down again.

John Davison said he saw the defendant on the Sunday afternoon, and he was in a “fearful say.” He was not able to walk.

Defendant was fined 10 shillings and 13s 6d costs or 21 days in default.

There were 10 previous convictions against him.