Drunks at Denaby & West Melton

July 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 11 July 1890

Drunk at Denaby.

Joseph Swain and Patrick McDonald, miners, of Denaby, were summoned for being drunk at Denaby, on the 23rd June.

P.c. Midgley stated that on the 23rd ult., a little before one o’clock in the morning, he was on duty at Denaby when he heard a number of men coming from the direction of Mexborough. They passed witness on the road, but soon afterwards the defendants commenced to fight in Doncaster Road. They were both drunk.

Fined 5s and costs each. Defendants did not appear.

Another Case from Denaby.

Philip Humphries, miner, of Denaby, who did not appear, William Humphries, David Lumb, and George Lumb, miners, of Denaby, who pleaded not guilty, were summoned for being drunk on the 24th June.

P.c. Midgley stated that on the 24th ult., a little after five o’clock at night, he was on duty at Denaby, when he heard a disturbance in Doncaster-road. David Lumb and Philip Humphries were fighting. Shortly afterwards William Humphries, and George Humphries came up, and they commenced to quarrel and use bad language. All the defendants were drunk.

Philip Humphries, who did not appear, was fined 5s. and costs. and the other defendants were each fined 3s and costs.

Damn AT Swinton.— Frederick Ogley, miner, of Roman–Terrace, Swinton, was fined 3s. and costs for being drunk on the 21st June.

P.c. Hewitt was on duty on the evening of the day named at Swinton Bridge when the defendant came up to hint. He was in a drunken condition.

Drunk at West Melton.

Edward Tingle, miner, of West Melton was ordered to pay a fine of 7s. 6d. and costs for having been drank at West Melton on the 22nd Juue.

P.c. Oxley deposed to seeing the defendant in Lancashire’s yard, West Melton, when in a drunken condition, using bad language and quarrelling with a neighbour.

P.s. Barclay said the defendant had eight previous convictions against him