Duster Wave Started It – Now Couple Reach Golden Wedding

January 1960

South Yorkshire Times January 9, 1960

Duster Wave Started It

Now Conisbrough Couple Reach Golden Wedding

SCENE : Conisbrough, 1906. It is a bright summer morning. A pretty young housemaid leans out of an upstairs window, in a house opposite Conisbrough Station and shakes a duster, briskly.

Thirty three – years – old James Albert Warren, working at the Station, looks up from his sandwiches. Under the impression that the girl was waving to him, he hurriedly pulls a handkerchief from his pocket—and waves back.

No, these are not stage directions. It describes how a well-known Conisbrough couple, who celebrated their Golden Wedding recently, first met.

Talking, to a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter at her home in Daylands Avenue this week, the former   housemaid, Mrs. Alice Louisa Warren, now 76, recalled: I came from Birmingham into service at Conisbrough. “I must admit I was a little shocked when I first saw James—it wasn’t the thing to do at that time.”

Three Weeks Later        

Mrs. Warren added: “I met him three weeks later in Station Road, three years later we were married.”

Mr. Warren (86), a native of the village, worked at the Station for 40 years. He was also employed at Cadby Main Colliery.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren have one son, Mr. Harry Warren, of Gomersall Avenue. Conisbrough.

“I don’t think I made a bad choice.” said Mrs. Warren, and Mr. Warren added “She has looked after me well for the last 50 years.”

The couple have taken the “South Yorkshire Times” ever since they were married. “I always read every word.” said Mrs. Warren.