Eager to Get “Times” – Soldiers Swap Copies In E. Africa (picture)

September 1946

South Yorkshire Times September 7, 1946

Eager to Get “Times”
West Melton and Conisbrough Soldiers Swap Copies In E. Africa


This “service” snapshot, taken only a month ago, shows sergeant O. Varney of Stokewell Road, West Melton, and (right) Cpl. S. Rufus, 15, Burcroft Hill, Low road, Conisbrough. Making up the group is a native Askari.

Writing from Kenyan, East Africa Command, Cpl Rufus states that having received the “South Yorkshire Times” regularly throughout his four an half years military service having seen lots of local lads photographs published he fought the snap would be interesting.

“Since I arrived here last December, your paper has been doubly welcome,” he adds, “even though sometimes sea transport is not a very fast method. On sergeant Varney’s arrival there was a double supply and we ‘swap’ in the event of one paper arriving early. Three weeks to 6 weeks is the time it takes sea mail to arrive.” Cpl Rufus and sergeant Varney both send best regards to all friends in their various stations over the globe.

Couple Rufus was called to the forces in 1942 from his employment in the weigh department of Amalgamated Denaby Collieries. Ltd. He was posted Kenya in November of last year and hopes to be demobilised early in the new year. Cpl Rufus is married. His parents reside in Rock terrace Conisbrough.