Easter at Conisborough

April 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 10 April 1909

Mexborough and District.

The holiday in this district was as full of outdoor enjoyment could have been desired. Conisborough Castle and Craggs were greatly patronised. The canal at Mexborough and Conisborough gave opportunities for boating, which were eagerly taken advantage of.

Askern, Roche Abbey, and other places were largely visited, whilst those who preferred going further afield availed themselves of the cheap railway excursion facilities. The sporting programme was below par, the matches being restricted to reserve and junior games at Mexborough and Danaby.

The religious significance of the day was duly observed at the various churches, whilst at night the parish churches of Mexborough and Swinton had congregations appreciative of the work of Stainer’s “Crucifixion.”

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 13 April 1909

Mexborough and District.

With the weather conditions unpromising, the outdoor spirit of enjoyment was not noticeable in such marked degree as was the case on Good Friday. For all that there were many visitors to Conisborough Castle and Craggs, while other local resorts were also fairly well patronised.

The principal football attraction was that at Denaby, where the United thrashed Hull City  Reserve by three goals to none. At night the places of amusement held crowded audiences.