Editorial – Another Appeal

August 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times – Saturday August 3, 1912.

Another Appeal

So we get back to Cadeby once more, to be confronted again with the inevitable question of relief.

We trust we shall not be accused of undue impatience if it is pointed out that the money is not coming in with that spontaneous freedom which usually follows these great visitations, and which in this case is so urgently needed if the movement for the relief of the distressed is to be effective at all.

Trustees have been appointed under a trust deed to guard the funds, and a glance at the names of these trustees, all distinguished and responsible men, is a sufficient guarantee that the public’s offertory will be well and wisely bestowed, and that the interests of the generation now at its birth will not suffer.

The honest fact of the matter is that whereas most disaster fund have been oversubscribed, this fund is, in the absence of an access of generosity, considerably under subscribed. The trustees want at least twice as much as they have already got to do any permanent good with the money, and we trust the hearts of the people will be open to the real necessity there is down at Denaby for a little help, which is traditionally worth a ton of sympathy.

We are very pleased to know that the members Main miners had, by collections amongst themselves, contributed £70, and we trust that their example would be speedily followed, not all in this district, but in the adjacent coalfields. After all, the poor does help the poor surprisingly