Education Committee – Damage at Station Road School Dances

January 1945

South Yorkshire Times January 20, 1945

Education Committee

Ways and means of checking or paying for damage done to the Station Road Schools during dances, occupied the attention of Conisbrough Education Committee at their meeting last Thursday.

Some members took the view that most of the damage was done after 10.30 pm when the public houses and clubs that turned out, and suggest that dances should finish at 10:30 pm.
Other members took the view that this will deprive many workers of pleasure, or send them out of the town to seek entertainment.

Another suggestion was that the present charges for hire of the premises should be doubled, it being pointed out that in prewar days the average policy from the Saturday night dance were in the region of nine or £10, whereas the average profit now was in the neighbourhood of £25, and so the promoters could easily afford such an increase. It was eventually decided to increase the present charges by 10s and that dancing should not go on after 11:30 p.m.

The attendance officer reported that in nine cases of nonattendance reporter the last meeting, and which he was also take preceding, seven were fined 10 shillings each, and two others who did not appear were fined 20 shillings each. He had no new cases to report to the committee. There are been a slight decrease in attendance during December which was attributed to the prevalence on mumps.

Approval has been received from the county authority for the appointment of a full-time nurse at the Modern School. The view was expressed that the attendance of a nurse was more necessary at primary schools, and it was decided to raise the matter again.