Election Notebook – Flag For Tory Victory Was Sabotaged

November 1951

South Yorkshire Times, November 3rd, 1951

Election Notebook

Wombwell Flag For Tory Victory Was Sabotaged

In celebration of the return of a Conservative government a Union Jack was run up outside Wombwell Conservative Club. The following morning the rope had been cut and the flag lay on the ground.

Soon after the receipt of news of the Tory victory, given over the radio, a Union Jack was also flown from Darfield Conservative Club.  In Don Valley between 60 and 70 spoilt papers were defaced with remarks such as “Bevan”, “We want peace and socialism” and “Good old Tom”.

Congratulating the electorate on the standard in which the election had been carried out in Don Valley, the defeated Conservative candidate, Mr. David Hopkins said “If I fight another division next time – I can’t promise it will be in Don Valley – I hope the same standards will prevail.”

Mrs. Paling, wife of the Labur candidate, was among the spectators at the Dearne Valley count at Wombwell.  There were more red than blue favours on view here.  Shaking hands with Mr. Paling in the Council Chamber at the declaration Mr. Jack Sizer, the Conservative candidate, prompted mutual smiles with the remark: “I hope to see you in Westminster sometime.”    The handshake was warmly reciprocated.

Very few people were present at the Wombwell Town Hall declaration, probably due to the fact that the result was available sooner than anticipated.  Mr. Sizer said though naturally he was sorry to be on the losing side but he hoped at some time to have another crack either in Dearne Valley or some other division. He was very proud to have upheld the Conservative standard in a socialist stronghold and prouder still to have been able to reduce the majority. He thought he could have done still better if he had had more time.

A Brampton voter who went to the polls in the Rother Valley Division remarked – “I believe in votes for all – but not for Hall.”

Wombwell woman who did go to vote: “I said to our Charlie, is there a yeller?”  He said “No Mum, only reds and blues.” I said “then I shan’t bother.”