Electric Loader – Demonstration at Cadeby – Reducing Costs

September 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 2 September 1932

Electric Loader Demonstration At Cadeby Colliery
Reducing Costs

A machine calculated to revolutionise loading was demonstrated by Mayor and Coulson, Ltd., Glasgow. at Cadeby Colliery sidings this week. The loader is new to the industrial machinery of Great Britain, but has been used in the United States for several years. It gathers and loads up to a maximum of four tons a minute bulk material such as coal, coke or gravel; and also has it; for agricultural and other industries.

The loader is 35ft. long, weighs only eight tons, and is electrically driven It is very mobile, especially by comparison with its nearest rival, the ‘cumbersome and massive “grab.” This mobility was demonstrated on Tuesday, when coal was collected and loaded into trucks from an awkward position. Only fifteen minutes were taken to load 36 tons. The cheapness of running costs are an important factor in its favour. By hand, coal is filled into trucks at the rate of 6d. per ton by “grab,” .28 electric units; by the loader, .8 electric units. It can easily be handled by one man, though arrangements are made for two.

The machine has roused interest throughout shipping, mining, and agricultural circles. It has special interest for the mining industry of South Yorkshire, for models have been brought out for work underground.’ The machine is simple in design, the most novel portion being the gathering section. Two gathering arms. working alternately, sweep material on to the gathering head and thence on to conveyors. While this is being done, the whole head of the machine is gradually worked into the pile of material ‘ which is being moved. The material is carried further on, to a subsidiary conveyor or chute at the rear of the machine, which can be swung to deliver the material where required. The loader can be driven by petrol or compressed air. It can be driven forward or in reverse at either of two slow (feeding) speeds or two travelling speeds. A caterpillar mounting carries the machine easily over rough ground, and for travelling the gathering head is lifted clear of the ground by a hydraulic jack.

The underground models are similar in type. The gathering head is identical, but the machine is, necessarily, lower and smaller than the “above ground” one. The conveyor can be deflected by hydraulic rams to right or left, so that while coal is gathered from the whole width of a heading the discharge is at a fixed point over tubs. The discharge end can be raised or lowered hydraulically, as can the gathering head. The loading capacity of these machines one and a half tons of loose coal per minute.