Ellis Robinsons Offer – Father and Son To Present New Cricket Cup

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times, November 23, 1946

Ellis Robinsons Offer
Father and Son To Present New Cricket Cup

Ellis Robinson, the Yorkshire County spin bowler, announced at the annual dinner and social evening of Denaby and Cadeby cricket, tennis and bowls club, at the Denaby Miners Welfare Institute, on Tuesday, that he and his father, Mr Ernest Robinson, former chairman of the Denaby club, desired to offer a cricket club for an invitation competition among leading South Yorkshire club competing in the Yorkshire Council, Doncaster leading South Yorkshire week.

Junior Clubs Included

On behalf of the Denaby club, Mr Walter Coates, club chairman, presiding, thanked Ellis and his father for the suggestion, which, he said, had given them a new view for thought to make for brighter cricket.

Ellis stated that there had been a little controversy about the South Yorkshire section of the council and a new league. He was not concerned about the matter – it had nothing to do with him – but he had a slight suggestion to make, and he would like their press to make it known to people who had been trying to form a new league that his father and he desired to present a cup to be played for the invitation among local clubs, a competition run online something like the old “Times” cup, with the possible inclusion of Doncaster league sides like Conisbrough and South Yorkshire league sides like Darfield.

It would promote a considerable amount of local interest and he and his father would like the cup to be known as the Robinson cup to commemorate the Robinson family and their association with a club like Denaby. “It is 55 years since the Robinson family first played for Denaby and now their sons are playing for the club. I want this to be cup competition, and if they will accept the cup my father and I will be only too pleased to give it,” Ellis added.

On behalf of the cricket section, Ellis presented P. C. J. W. Bullard with the ball with which he took 10 wickets for 38 runs against Wath on May 4 last and R. Cory with the ball he took nine wickets for three runs against Maltby in the Doncaster league at the end of season 1945.

For the bowls section, Mrs W. Hill (capt) presented the bowls section average price to G. Redfern and explained that Mr Redfern only just missed the Wath league average price by half a point.

Encourage Youth

The other speaker of the evening was Mr A. M. Carlin, who has just relinquished the Doncaster league side captaincy. Mr Carlin appealed to the club to maintain their junior nets and added that he felt they could not give too much encouragement to the youngsters. If they were brought up on sport, later on they would live their lives as sportsmen. When it was said of a man that he “played the game” there was some credit due to the people who had brought him on those lines.

The 101 guests were welcomed by Mr Coates, and the social which followed took the form of a dance, for which the Welfare Institute Band provided the music.