March 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 06 March 1891

It generally happens that the elopements in this district are amongst the mining community, but one has just come to light of a different character. While a police officer at a certain village near Conisborough was on his beat it appears an intrigue continually occurred between his “better half.” and a villager of the opposite sex.

Gossip soon flies in such places and the constable was made very uncomfortable. The residents sympathised with him and on more than one occasion the male intruder has been given a good thrashing when in the lanes, his assailants having previously made themselves unrecognisable.

Not the slightest pity was felt for the person, the general verdict being that he deserved all he got. The wife, however, seems to have pitied him, and the twain have departed, their destination not being known.