Engineering Department at Denaby Colliery (picture)

July 1968

South Yorkshire Times July 20, 1968

This photograph of members of the Engineering Department at Denaby Colliery some 40-odd years ago has been kindly loaned to us by Mr. R. Miller, of Fullerton View, Stainton Street, Denaby Main.

It was recently given to him by Mr. A. Boyes, of Manvers Main Colliery,

Names of some shown in the picture are Messrs. F. Robinson, F. Miller, G. Atkinson and R. Dunn, J. Nimrod. F. Lee and J. W. Farnsworth, J. Cheadle, J. Middleton and E. Boyes, W. Cookson, J. Hatton. Wagstaff and A. Rose (at that time foreman of the Department).