Error Led to Fatal Crash

January 1967

South Yorkshire Times January 14, 1967

Error Led to Fatal Crash

A Sheffield Aero club pilot’s error of judgement led to a flying accident in which he and his passenger were killed, said a Board of Trade report on Friday. Mr Ben Zhigniev Sciblo aged 29, garage proprietor of Holywell Lane , Conisbrough made the error while attempting a forced landing with his light aircraft, which was spluttering and emitting black smoke.

The plane struck trees then dived upside down into the upper floor of a house near Walsall Staffordshire.

Also killed was 29 year old interior decorator, Miss Anna May of Kempsford Gardens Chelsea. London.

Icing Risk

The engine was probably losing power because of icing the carburettor, adds the report.

The disaster occurred on April 16, 35 minutes after the plane took off from Netherthorpe on a private flight to Walsall. A piece of paper containing flying notes found in the wreckage did not include details of ice risk.

“It may well be that he was not forewarned of the risk of icing during the flight.” stated the report

No Defects

Examination of the engine and carburettor revealed no pre-crash defeats.

Mr. Sciablo did not recognise the symptoms of carburettor icing. The report said. Adding that “the engine of the aircraft had been running over rich and the Carburettor heat control was set to cold.”

He seemed undecided about where to make his forced landing probably because of the ploughed surface of the fields – plus the fact that the engine had not actually stalled.

“The unfortunate combination of indecision and insufficient power almost certainly lead to the collision with the trees.” Says the report

Mr. Sciablo was also well known that Wombwell, where at one time he worked at the garage of Mr Patrick J. Burke in Park Street.