Everything was a “Hit” with her – But the Weather (picture)

August 1968

South Yorkshire Times August 3, 1968

Everything was a “hit” with her — – but the weather 

Everything in England seems to have been a “hit” with American visitor, Miss Eileen O’Reilly, – except the weather. Miss O’Reilly has spent the last two weeks sightseeing in the North and in London on the advice of her British parents, who are now settled in the States.

“It has been my first visit to England but I will definitely come again,” she said. “Everything has been so rushed and there is so much I haven’t seen.”

Miss O’Reilly (23), lives and works in Manhattan, New York City, where she is a dental hygienist. Her father, Mr. Bernard O’Reilly made a fleeting visit to England in June for the wedding of his niece, Miss Sheila Roddy of 127, Tickhill Street, Denaby, but Eileen was unable to accompany him. She has spent two weeks in County Cavan, Ireland with her father’s relatives, before journeying to England to see her mother’s family


Miss O’Reilly travelled to Britain by herself and has taken guided tours to see the South, including Stratford-on-Avon. She has also seen the Northern phenomena, the market, while staying with her Aunt, Mrs. Kathleen Roddy of Tickhill Street, Denaby

“My parents were raised over here and I have heard so much about it that I had to see for myself. I have enjoyed it very much, apart from the weather,” she said.

Miss O’Reilly flew back from Shannon Airport, in Ireland on Tuesday.