Everywhere that Beauty Goes… (picture)

April 1970

South Yorkshire Times, April 25th, 1970

Everywhere that Beauty Goes…

Beauty, the black Labrador has no family of her own, but she is doing nicely thank you with her adopted family, even though it only appears a small bundle of fluff. For Beauty’s” family” is a ten-weeks old lamb, Billy, which since birth has been looked after by four-years-old beauty owned by Mr. Ken Stanley and his wife, of White House Farm, Cadeby.

Beauty is taking her mothering duties extremely seriously and everywhere she goes Billy is sure to follow. In fact, he has been taken on a conducted tour of the village haunts when they slipped through the garden gate while Mrs. Stanley wasn’t looking.  The two play in the garden most of the day with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley’s four-years-old daughter, Sara, who thinks both animals are “lovely.”

Mrs. Stanley told the “South Yorkshire Times”, “Billy’s mother was unable to feed both her lambs adequately so we gave them more milk ourselves.  Billy, however, decided he liked staying with us, and he has never gone back since.”

“Beauty is a marvelous mother.  She is extremely patient and she treats Billy just as though he is her own offspring,” Mrs. Stanley added.