Ex-boxer to leave “The Drum’,

June 1968

South Yorkshire Times June 29, 1968

Ex-boxer to leave “The Drum’,

14 months after bringing his heavyweight influences, to bear on the Denaby Main Hotel subject of cornrnents from local magistrate, manager, Mr. Terence McDonald has gained himself the tenancy of a hotel in Barnsley .

Mr. McDonald. a former professional heavyweight homer has had a profound influence on the Denahy ‘toughs’. During the six months prior to his arrival to the “Drum”, there had been 76 arrests and 134 convictions for incidents in or around the Drum.he said. But during his management he has never had to exert his pugilistic ability to keep order.

Mr. McDonald. (36), who was born in Cudworth, has fought 120 bouts in various parts of the country. Thirty-eight of these were as a professional, of which he won 31 with a total of 27 knockouts. As an amateur he was Northern Counties A.B.A. Champion and National Coal Board Champion.

He arrived at the Drum from the Station Hotel, Thurnscoe, where he worked for two years. As soon as he arrived the number of arrests and consequent convictions fell to nil. Mr. McDonald preoccupied regulars with the Drum cricket, football, darts, dominoes and crib teams, which have gained substantial honours during his management. Consequently the pub became a lot quieter.

“The fact that I was a professional boxer could have had something to do with it, I don’t know,” he said. “I always mixed with the lads and never had to throw my weight around. The team games were a great success, the regulars became more interested.”

Mr. McDonald is to leave the Drum, for a tenancy with his wife Mary, and children Mandy (11) and Tony (6). He took over the Dillington Park Hotel, Barnsley last Wednesday, but is to continue to run both places until July 15th when the Brewery will find a replacement.