Excavator Unearths Ten Skulls

November 1937

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 03 November 1937

Excavator Unearths Ten Skulls

Workmen engaged on excavating an important water pipe line from Clifton, near Conisborough, to Austerfield, near Bawtry, in connection with the Doncaster and Tickhill Water Board scheme, made a an interesting discovery yesterday near Stancil Farm, Wadworth, on land belonging to Mr, Frederick G. Durdy.

In the excavating process, two to four feet below the surface, the mechanical excavator unearthed number of bones with considerable quantity of masonry.

Upon examination of these remains at least ten human skulls were found with other human remains, together with the bones of horses.

Dumped Into Hole

The teeth in some of the human skulls were in a remarkable state of preservation.

The whole of the remains had apparently been dumped haphazard into a hole, which gives rise to the belief that they might have been the victims of turbulent times long ago.

The spot at which they were discovered is approximately midway between Tickhill Castle and Conisborough Castle, a very historical district and 200 yards away from the River Tome.

Former Soldiers?

The police were called in, the remains collected, and their discovery reported to the Doncaster District Coroner, Mr. W. H. Carlile, who has decided that further investigation is not necessary.

The size the human remains indicate that they were of big physique, and may probably have been soldiers.