Expensive smoke – Denaby Youth Causes £1,300 stack Fire

January 1945

South Yorkshire Times January 6

Expensive smoke
Denaby Youth Causes £1,300 stack Fire

Alleged to have caused damage by fire to a straw stack, corn and Dutch barn to the extent of £1,300 on the farm of Mr. Ernest Jubb of Cadeby, a 16-year old haulage hand of Denaby was at the Doncaster West Riding juvenile court on Friday fined £25 and ordered to pay it at the rate of £1 a week.

It was stated that the youth was one of a number of boys and girls employed by Mr. Jubb to help him in the harvest during their dinner they were allowed to smoke in a disused stable on the farm. Mr. Jubb said he had explicitly warned the boys and girls them against smoking in the stack yard and the boy had no right at all.

The boy said he went into the stack yard for a look around. He said he lit a cigarette and threw the match away. When he looked the stack was on fire he tried to put the fire out but it was beyond his control.

He denied that he had been warned not to smoke in the stack yard.