Exploding Tin had the Last Word at Denaby

November 1950

South Yorkshire Times, November 11, 1950

Exploding Tin had the Last Word at Denaby

Firemen from Mexborough and Conisbrough brigades, called to a shop fire in a to store room at Denaby on Wednesday morning, used buckets of water to deal with it and soon had it under control.

The Brigades were warned of the fire at, about 9 a.m., after Mr. Edward Sheehan, of Cliff View, who lives next to the shop, had smelled smoke coming from the first floor. Owner of the shop, Mr. J. Mullen, Doncaster Road, Conisbrough, was told by telephone just as he was leaving for work

Fire had eaten through wooden cases containing tins of food and polish. One of these latter, when picked up after the fire had been extinguished, exploded, splashing the walls of the shop.