Extraordinary Conduct of a Police Sergeant

July 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 2, 1886

Extraordinary Conduct of a Police Sergeant

Joseph Thomson, alias ‘Salty,’ shoemaker, Conisborough, summoned at the West Riding Police Court on Saturday, on a charge of being drunk and disorderly at Conisborough, on 19 June.

Mr Verity appeared for the defendant.

Sgt Noble stated that on the night of the above date T visited the Fox Inn, and there found the defendant. Thomson was so drunk that two men not taking home, and then defendant went upstairs, and passing through the chamber window, created a disturbance.

In cross-examination, witness said he had not threatened to “have” the defendant. He had not offered “2 to 1,” that he had him next week.

PC Drury gave corroborative evidence.

James Mann, railway porter, said he saw the defendant at the time, and thought he was under the influence of drink.

In cross-examination, witness said that if the police had left defendant alone there would have been no disturbance.

Defendant on being sworn, said that Sgt Noble had on three separate occasions charged him with offences that he had not proved. On the night in question witness was at the Fox Inn and Sgt Noble went in. The officer said, “I see you have got back salty,” and witness reply, “Yes, and sober, too,” and on that the sergeant said, “I am sorry to see you back.”

On leaving the public house the police followed him, Ptolemy had got off that day, but they would not let him get off next Saturday. He was neither drunk nor disorderly.

In cross-examination, witness admitted that he had been convicted over 20 times, including cases of felony, poaching, drunkenness, and, in fact, all kinds of offences.

Wilfred Wood out, John Morton, Thomas Oxley, farmer, and Walter Goodlad, Butcher, each gave corroborative evidence.

The Bench dismissed the case, as there was a very large amount of contradictory evidence. The Chairman added that the sergeant did not exercise a very wise discretion in bandying words with a man in his own house.