Fair Haired Polish Girl Holidaying as Guest Of Family Whose Son Her Parents Befriended

September 1959

Mexborough & Swinton Times Saturday 12 September, 1959

Fair Haired Polish Girl Holidaying in Conisbrough

Guest Of Family Whose Son Her Parents Befriended

“Pleasant Way of Learning English” Says Host  

AS a “return gesture ” to a Polish family who looked after his son for over ten years, ex-wartime pilot, Mr. Stanley Sciblo, a Conisbrough garage proprietor, has paid for a two-months’ holiday in England for their elder daughter. Staying with Mr. Sciblo, and his second wife, Mrs. Ada Sciblo, at their home in Doncaster Road, Conisbrough, is golden-haired Miss Bozena Danilewska (17), a student, of Milanowik, near Warsaw.

Built Own ‘Plane

Mr. Sciblo (48), was a technician in a Polish aircraft  factory. He had built his own ‘plane and was an experienced pilot before the outbreak of the second world war, when he joined the Polish Air Force. When the Germans invaded his country he was forced to evacuate, leaving his wife and small son, Zbignien, behind.

He served in the French, and later the British Air Forces, both as a fighter and bomber pilot. During the African campaign he was forced down when his hurricane fighter was raked by the cannon of three M.E. 109’s. By the end of the war he had been on 74 operational flights.

Demobilised in 1947, Mr, Sciblo settled in England, moving to Conisbrough a few years later. Ten years passed before he was able to make contact with his son. In January of Last year Zbignien (Ben) gained a permit for a two-months visit to England. After much negotiation Mr. Sciblo gained permission for Ben to stay in this country.

During his last ten years in Poland Ben stayed with Bozena’s family, “I am very grateful to Jane’s (nozena’s) parents” Mr. Sciblo told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter this week. “I invited Jane over here as a sort of return gesture.”

Mr. Sciblo added that Jane, who has studied English for five years, will attend a Polish university next  year to study the language further.

“I thought this would be a nice holiday for her and a pleasant way to learn the language,” said Mr. Sciblo. He laughed: ‘”I also make sure she looks at her exercise books occasionally.”

What does Jane think of England? With Mr. Sciblo helping as interpreter she told our reporter: “It is a wonderful country. I am really enjoying my holiday here.”

Motors and Meat

Jane said one of the things thatimpressed her most about England were the “shiny new cars.” She added that at first she was surprised by the fact that one could buy meat without difficuity. In Poland meat is still rationed.

Jane’s boat-train was delayed, and she arrived at Liverpool Street Station, London, 12 hours behind schedule.

Mr. Sciblo said: “I was waiting at the station for hours, and thought I had missed Jane. She was pointed out to me by some other Polish travellers who had accompanied her on the voyage. We had never seen each other before.”

Ben (24), works at his father’s garage in Sheffield Road, Conisbrough. A keen motor-cyclist he has taken part in “scrambles” and has also had four hours in a training aircraft.