Fancy Dresses at Conisborough – Successful Cricket Club Ball.

7 January 1910

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 07 January 1910

Fancy Dresses at Conisborough

Successful Cricket Club Ball.

The annual ball promoted the Conisborough Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club is the most popular social event of the Conisborough winter reason. Not the least successful of a long series was the gathering that assembled last night in the Morley Road School Conisborough.

The scheme of decoration transformed the ball room and the supper-room into resorts of colour and vivacity, and the impression of general artistic effect was heightened by the number of ladies and gentlemen who attended in fancy dress.

The task of the judge was no easy one. The interval procession made up a charming spectacular display, which was watched with interest by those guests present in conventional evening drees, including the Major and Mayoress of Rotherham (Councillor and Mrs. D. Mullins).

Mrs. Walker, who secured the first prize for ladies, appeared as an Indian Squaw. Mr. W. W. Norwood, who was awarded the first rise for gentlemen, was Irishman to the life.

Among the others special mention must be made of Miss Archer a college graduate, Mrs. Lugar as a shuttlecock, and Mrs. Laughton as His Satanic Majesty. Other picturesque costumes were worn Mrs. Farrell (Dutch Girl), Miss Martin (exhibition), Mrs. Norwood and Mrs. W. Downing (Japanese ladies). Miss Crowcroft (milkmaid). Mrs. G. Crowcroft (autographs). Mrs. Biggs (Queen of Hearts) Miss Smith (Spanish dancing girl), Miss Jackson (Bohemian gipsy). Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Watson, of Manchester (nurses).

Noteworthy abo were Mr. G. Harris, of Haxey (cavalier), Mr. F. Ogler of Hilltop (Hungarian lieutenant), Mr. Farrell (soldier), Mr. S. Wilde (naval brigade), Mr. F. Martin (bovril), Mr. C. D. Walker (toreador), Mr. S. Leonard (cowbov). Dr . Forster (pierrot) Mr. A. R, obinson, and Mr. H. Appleyard (cricketers).

Dancing was kept up until 4 o’clock this morning, and the function was as enjoyable as it was successful.