Farewell Note – Denaby Collier Tries To Cut His Throat.

August 1911

Leeds Mercury – Friday 25 August 1911

Farewell Note.

Denaby Collier Tries To Cut His Throat.

At Doncaster, yesterday, David Lovell, who stated that he came from Brownhills, Staffordshire, was charged with attempting suicide.

The police said that Lovell, who is a collier, went np to an officer on duty in Frenchgate on Sunday night, and said he wanted to give himself up for attempted suicide cutting his throat with a knife. In his possession was a knife, bloodstained handkerchief, and a farewell letter to his mother, which read:

Dear Mother,

Forget me not, dearest one, when you hear what I have done. Mother my head is overflowing and I have too much on my mind, that is working at Cadeby. So no more from your son and only son, David.

With best love to my dearest mother, John, and loving dear sisters and Dorcas. God bless them and love them.”

Lovell told the police that man had disturbed him when he was cutting his throat. Mrs. Scraggs, of Denaby, a relative of the man, promised the Bench she would look after him until his sister came for him.

Deputy Chief Constable Adams stated that Dr. Selby had examined the man and reported that while his mind was not strong was not a lunatic, and quite capable of taking care of himself. It was stated he had complained of the heat of the Cadeby pit affecting his head.

The Bench handed him over to the custody of his friends.