Fat In The Fire – Saturday Night Blaze At Conisbro’

July 1908

Sheffield Independent – Monday 06 July 1908

Fat In The Fire.
Saturday Night Blaze At Conisbro’

Fire broke out on Saturday evening in a department of the fat refining works belonging Messrs. Braham and Co., of Sheffield and Doncaster, and situate near the Sheffield road. Conisbro’.

A large store tallow was affected, and the fire raged with extreme fury for a short time. The local brigade, under Captain W. Jones, succeeded in limiting the outbreak one room; the rest the works and the adjoining brewery premises owned by Messrs. Whitworth, Son, and Nephew, being untouched.

The department in which the outbreak occurred was completely gutted, and although the fire quickly burnt itself out considerable damage was done, which is estimated to approach four figures.

The cause of the conflagration believed to have arisen from the steampipes coming in contact with some bags. The fire brigade proved very smarts and a large quantity of the tallow was saved.