Fatal Accident at Denaby Main.

August 1899

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 12 August 1899

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main.

Yesterday, at the Mexboro’ Montagu Cottage Hospital, Mr. Dossy Wightman, District Coroner, held an inquest touching the death of William Henry Vaughan, aged 13 years, who died in the institution on Wednesday morning.

Mr. F. W. Wardell, Her Majesty’s Chief. Inspector of Mines, attended the inquiry, and Mr. H. S. Witty represented the Denaby Main Colliery Company.

Thomas Vaughan, of 23. Doncaster road, Denaby Main, said the deceased was his son, and a “rope-puller,” employed at the Denaby Colliery. He had only been engaged in the pit about a fortnight. The accident happened on the 3rd of August. Witness saw him the same day, and he told him that he was coming from his work when he got entangled in the “tubs.” He died on the 9th inst.

By the Inspector: Deceased had told him he was coming out of the refuge hole when he slipped and was caught in the “tubs.”

Wm. Smith, aged 15, employed at the same colliery as a “rope-puller,” said the accident occurred at half-past two in the after- noon. Deceased, witness, and another lad were coming out of the pit when they went into a refuge hole out of the road of a “run.” The empty ones passed, and witness was crossing over to the other side when he was knocked down by the full ones. Deceased complained that his leg was hurt.

By the Inspector: When the deceased attempted to come out oi the refuse hole they shouted and told him to stop where he was. Lockjaw set in and caused death.

A verdict of “Accidental Death”  was returned.