Fatal Neglect of Corporals

October 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 20, 1906

Fatal Neglect of Corporals

John Henry Dudhill, John Whitehouse, Frank Clark, John Feeney (Mexborough), Thomas Glennon, Harry Westwood (Derry) and Joseph Cummings (Conisborough), all pit corporals, employed at the Denaby Main Collieries, was summoned for a breach of special colliery rule four, by committing an act likely to endanger the safety of the mine.

All the defendants appeared, and pleaded guilty to the charge.

Mr WM Gichard, Rotherham, appeared for the prosecution, said the defendants were employed in a particular place at Cadeby Colliery, and on September 5th work had been stopped on account of the fact that a pulley had been broken. The plane was 300 yards in length, and through it ran an endless rope. In order to get the pulley replaced it was necessary to stop the rope, and to have taken from it, everything that was attached to it, in order that the rope might be slackened and the pulley replaced.

This duty fell to the defendants, and they had performed it with two exceptions, they having left two clips attached to the rope. The clips were also attached to a set of loaded corves with an aggregate weight of nine tons, so that when the rope was pulled from its taut condition, the tubs were put in motion and gathering speed, unfortunately killed a lad in their progress.

The facts had been laid before the Chief Inspector of Mines, who was of opinion that the matter should be placed before the magistrates. He had no doubt that every one of the defendants were heartily sorry for the result of the accident.

The Chairman was of opinion there had been a very serious case of neglect, and a fine of 20/-and 8/8 costs was imposed.