Fatality Occurred on Unlighted Road

March 1966

South Yorkshire Times March 26, 1966

Fatality Occurred on Unlighted Road

a Conisbrough miner who was among passenger and set down on an unlit section of Sheffield Road, Conisbrough, when a late-night bus “overshot” its stop, was struck by another bus and fatality injured as he attempted to cross the road, a resumed Mexborough inquest heard on Wednesday when a jury returned a verdict of “accidental death” and Mr Albert Backhouse (54), miner, of 13, Palm Grove, Conisbrough

He died in Mexborough Montagu Hospital the day after the accident which occurred on Saturday, March 12th.

John Stockwell, of Hatherley Road, Rotherham, conductor of the Rotherham, Corporation bus which Mr Backhouse had boarded opposite the Star Inn, Conisbrough, on his way home late on Saturday night, said he was unable to get to the top deck bell in time to pull up the bus at Micklebring Grove.

Beyond Stop

He explained, “passengers were blocking the aisle as they stood up to get off and I couldn’t get to the bell in time. Before I got there, a passenger gave the emergency Bell and the bus pulled up sharply.”

The Doncaster and District coroner, Mr K. D. Porter said that from the evidence, the bus had stopped some way past the stop. Mr Backhouse apparently had a word with the driver about the incident before attempting to cross the road, when he was struck by an oncoming bus driven by Cedric Easter, on Wensleydale Road, Scholes.

He added, “It was unfortunate that the bus had overshot the mark because it created the difficulty of Mr Backhouse crossing an unlit road in open country. We have been given an explanation and we must accept the position, but it was unfortunate.”

In Headlight

Mr Easter said that his bus, carrying 41 passengers was travelling at 30 to 35 miles an hour on the headlights when the accident occurred. He added, “I had passed the double-decker bus followed by 12 or 14 cars. As the last car was level with my posts, a man appeared in the offside beam of my headlights.

He was so close that he actually broke the headlight beam before it hit the road. I stood on my brakes and pulled towards the centre of the road. The man appeared to be running. I heard a bump and the impact knocked the man into the gutter.”

Pathologist Dr G. E. Dunlop said Mr Backhouse died as a result of head injuries.