Feb 01 – Denaby 0 Stamford 5 – Hough Saves Two Penalties

February 1964

South Yorkshire Times, February 1

Hough Saves Two Penalties

Denaby United 0 . Grantham Town 5

Denaby showed aggression only rarely in their Midland League game against Grantham this, and if the opposition had not been so particular about how they got the ball into the net the 5-0 score might have been greater.

Even so, Raynor, the most dangerous of the Grantham, forwards, had two offside. “Goals” disallowed and two penalties saved by Hough. Grantham on a heavy pitch played a short passing game, and surprisingly it came off.

Of the two newcomers in the Denaby side, Coleman showed up better. Able to work the ball well, he was unlucky not to score and with a few more games behind him could fit in very well.

Team: Hough 6; Whant 5, Bailey6: Grierson 6, Wild 5, Ainscough 5; Foster 5, Betteridge 5, Coleman 6, Wharam 5, Cox 5