Denaby Utd – Feb 02 – Castleford 1 Denaby 3 – An Ugly Finish

February 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 2

Denaby Win at Castleford
Didlock Injured, An Ugly Finish

Castleford Town 1, Denaby United 3

There was a moderate “gate” at Castleford on Wednesday, when Denaby United visited that town in the Midland League.

Denaby won the toss, and Miss Joyce Ayn, of the “Dick Wittington” pantomime playing at Castleford this week, kicked off. As she put the ball straight to the feet of the Denaby centre-forward, however, the referee gave Castleford another start.

Godfrey set his men going immediately, passing out to the left wing where Jackson tested Didlock in the first minute. Hamilton got away again, but he was robbed by Charlesworth, who went the full length of the field for the home team and was then dispossessed by Jackson, who kicked out. Prentice relieved the pressure on the home goal, and passed to Brooks, who sped down the wing in fine style, putting in a fine centre. The ball was put out for a corner, which was well delivered, but Charlesworth shot out. Denaby then fairly well monopolised the play for a time. Jackson did fine work on his wing, and Didlock had to deal with several troublesome shots by Shaw, Godfrey and Picknett. A fine individual effort by Godfrey earned the applause of the crowd. He worked his way from the middle of the field, and sent a shot into the hands of Didlock. Coope stopped a promising effort by the home forwards, and play was once more transferred to the home quarters. Shaw received and passed to Godfrey, who sent out to Jackson but Fawcett intervened.

Castleford then set up a heavy bombardment, and shots rained in upon the Denaby goal, each shot being dealt with by a defender before the goalkeeper could be reached. For a few seconds the shooting was ding-dong, and when Denaby obtained relief it was not for long. Castleford were awarded a free-kick for a foul on Prentice by Chambers just outside the penalty area. Denaby got away and Picknett put in a shot which Didlock missed. The ballĀ“s speed was considerably retarded by the heavy state of the ground, however, and Shaw tried to put it through, but he slipped and kicked out. Castleford went away and Brooks shot in a teaser which Bromage caught and dropped. For a moment it seemed as if the ball was in the net, but Bromage picked up and shot away. Denaby were now on the aggressive again, and though they never got past the Castleford backs they were never far out of the penalty area. Godfrey sent in a strong shot which Didlock did well to save.

When only a few minutes from half-time, Denaby forged ahead, during a “single combat” between the Castleford full-back and the Denaby centre-forward. Godfrey shot in, and Hague effected some sort of a clearance, but GODFREY was the next to touch the ball and he made no mistake with a fine shot. Denaby increased their efforts and a great struggle took place. During the melee, Didlock was injured, and a bounce up was given in the home goal, from which HAMILTON scored. Half-time: Denaby United 2, Castleford 0.

From the kick-off, the home team went down, and a penalty was awarded them. The spot-kick was taken by PRENTICE, who fired into the corner of the net. Denaby swiftly transferred play, and forced a corner. A keen tussle followed, and the ball was put over the bar. During a Castleford visit, Tebay shot just wide. The crowd became very heated at times, and on one occasion the referee had to speak to a group of spectators behind the Denaby goal. At the other end, the ball was shot across the Castleford goal, and as Hamilton was about to shoot. Hague cleared.

After 15 minutes of this half, GODFREY put Denaby further ahead, but in shooting he fell heavily, and had to leave the field for a few seconds. The forwards of the visiting team again paid Didlock a call, and the saving of HamiltonĀ“s shot was a very lucky accomplishment. On another occasion the Castleford goalie ran out several yards to meet Shaw, and managed to put the ball out of play. Ten minutes from the end of the game, play was stopped for some minutes owing to injuries received by Didlock, the Castleford goalkeeper, who had to leave the field.< After the match the spectators swarmed over the field, and protection had to be afforded the referee