Denaby Utd – Feb 16 – Nottingham Forest Res 0 Denaby 3 – Denaby Break New Ground

February 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 16
Midland League

Denaby Break New Ground
Grand Victory at Nottingham

Nottingham Forest Reserve 0, Denaby United 3

Denaby United have so often made fruitless expeditions to Nottingham for Midland League points that the success of their visit to Nottingham Forest Reserve (whom they had beaten at Denaby), yesterday was specially welcome. Moreover, their 3-0 victory was very creditable, for, granted that the home eleven was not very strong, it was in no wise weak, especially forward.

For a full half-hour Denaby were held at bay, but when they had tasted blood there was no holding them, and if their second goal was a doubtful one they added another toward the end of the game that gave them a decisive margin. Denaby shone both in attack and defence. Hamilton and Jackson whipped across some capital centres, and Shaw was responsible for a number of fine shots apart from the one which he scored the second goal. When Forest were attacking, Bromage and his backs were very steady, though often in a tight corner.

There were only a few hundred spectators although the weather was fair and bright. Forest opened so promisingly that it looked as if Denaby would be hard pressed to hold their own. After a prolonged home attack, which ended with Thorpe shooting over, Denaby got a move on through Shaw and Jackson, the former only just missing with a hard drive, while a little later Jackson missed a glorious chance when King fisted into the air. An exciting scrimmage in the home goalmouth followed a couple of abortive raids by the Forest, but King saved well and then kept out another hot shot from Shaw.

Denaby┬┤s sustained pressure deserved to be rewarded, and at length, after 30 minutes, a dash by the whole line ended in COOPER beating King with a shot that gave him no chance. Forest retaliated, but their attack did not last long, and then Picknett got possession from what looked like an offside position and his pass to SHAW enabled the latter to put his side two up. It was only the alertness of King just before the interval that deprived Godfrey of the reward of a splendid dribble. The Denaby centre went clean through the defence and got in a shot which King did well to save.

Directly on the resumption after the interval, Bromage had the most anxious time of the match. Forest attacked sharply from the kick-off and Mills fired in from long range. Bromage judged the shot well, but a nasty twist on the ball caused him to mishandle and he only saved at the second attempt. That danger past, Denaby made tracks for the other end, and Picknett found himself in possession dead in front, but before he could shoot, Barrass had dashed across and spoiled him. Forest did a good deal of pressing for a spell but they finished poorly Hamilton brought King to his knees with a great shot, and then just before the finish, PICKNETT put on the third goal.