Denaby Utd – Denaby United 1 Bradford Reserve 5

17 February 1939

Mexborough and Swinton times, February 17.

Big Kicking
Denaby Show they can take it but Failed to Cash In

Denaby United 1 Bradford Reserve 5

it was not a great game, Bradford were scarcely recognisable as reserve team of a club that has done good things, and Denaby were still shaken by the 17-0 defeat. The previous week. The keynote of the match was big kicking. And in the cause of astonishing heartiness both teams tore about the field until in the second half they began to languish. Denaby stood the strain better them rapid and thereupon enjoyed a spell of superiority. But they could not cash the cheque into goals.

The pitch was in better trim than usual, but a playful wind came along to take the accuracy out of the game.

Bradford began pressing, in a rather wild fashion from the start. After 7 min. They opened the scoring. Both their wings shared in a quick onrush of the Denaby goal and McKnight had little difficulty in hooking the ball past Green.

After 10 min Hallard.B, second or. It was a thrilling shop – without doubt the best of the match – from 25 yards out, and although Green flung himself towards it, he could only tip it and deflect the ball.

After 30 min McKnight scored a site’s third goal by outwitting Green, who ran out to meet him.

5 min before half-time J Williams put through his own goal. In attempting to relieve a serious siege.

The second half was mostly Denaby’s. The Bradford parties grew tired after all their charging here and there, and the Denaby halves and forwards began to apply pressure. In a breakaway, however, McKnight scored Bradford’s fifth goal, and there was a fair time to wait before Denaby superiority was turned into something tangible. Then Clifford burst away from the way line, kept the ball nicely under control, and put it neatly past Hansen.

Denaby had chances but could not get the goals they deserve.