Denaby Utd – Grimsby Town Reserve 17 Denaby United 0 – Heaviest Defeat Ever

10 February 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 10.

Denaby Make ill-fated Trip
Heaviest Defeat Ever

Grimsby Town Reserves 17 Denaby United 0

True enough, Denaby met with their heaviest defeat yet. Why? Selected players failed to make the journey because they missed their trains, and the reserves who filled the vacancies failed to come up to expectations.

One cannot recall, incidentally, Denaby ever bringing in a point but from Grimsby. In fact they have met with several heavy defeats there. Even so, nobody expected such a farcical trouncing at Saturday.

The Denaby defence stood their ground for the first 30 min. Then pressure began to be piled on and within the next 15 min Grimsby had found the net five times through Kurz (2), Lewis (2) and Temple. Before this Green, in the Denaby goal, had done exceedingly well, and brought of great saves from shots sent in.

The second half saw Grimsby run riot and the added further goals through Kurtz (5), Temple (3), Lewis (2) and Robinson (2 penalties)

it was a sorry business and a detailed report of the match would simply tell how Grimsby spent the time kicking the ball into the net.

Record to Date:

Denaby United Pd 24 Won 1 Lost 21 Drawn 2 Goals 22 Against 118 Points 4

Comment: something ought to be written about Denaby. Something in tragic vein. Something that would suitably celebrate their performance in losing 17-0 on Saturday. But how to set about it?

I am reminded of the London dramatic critic was called upon to attend a show called “Dreadful Night.” And when his copy came in. He had just written “it was.” The pity is Saturday’s debacle does not lend itself to that sort of brevity.

All that can be said is that Denaby have probably touched bottom and will not do worse this season.

Let us now draw a becoming veil over the sorry business.