Castle FC – Pamona v Conisborough Castle

February 1879

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 28.

Pomona v . Conisbrough Castle.

This match was played on Saturday at Hunters bar, before numerous spectators.

The home team won the toss, and decided to kick up hill. T. Booth put the ball in motion, the play being very even up to half-time.

After changing ends, Smith and Ludlam were very busy, the latter making a good shot at goal, the goalposts being knocked down and the ball kicked out.A corner kick was granted to the home team, and this was entrusted to Smith. The ball got wide, it was got away by one of their forwards, worked well of Hill, crossing to Kelly who put it through the posts.

No further score was made, and the match was ended in the defeat of the Pomona by one goal to none.

The play of G.Booth, F.Kelly, S.Hetherington, A.Gibson and Slack was very good for the visitors