Fiery Denaby Youth – Savage Assault on Housekeeper

February 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 22, 1935

Fiery Denaby Youth
Savage Assault on Housekeeper

A sentence of one months imprisonment was passed and James McGowan (18) glass worker, 25 walls were Street, Denaby, on Tuesday at Doncaster, for an assault on Annie E. Shaw (50), a widow.

Mrs Shaw said she was housekeeper for McGowan’s father. The week end before February 11 defendant and his brother came home from the night shift and left their wages in the kitchen. Later that day defendant’s father went through defendant pockets and found two shilling.

On February 11 she told defendant of this and he immediately lost his temper. He smashed things, picked up a chair and threw it at her. The chair broke a window and the glass cut her head and face. She had been forced to leave her employment through it.

The Chairman, Mr M.L.Nokes (to defendant): Are you not ashamed of yourself? You might have killed this woman.

Defendant: I did not know what I was doing. I am sorry for what happened.

Mr Nokes: You will have to control that temper. Old people have to be protected. You might have been here on a more serious charge. Go to prison for a month.