Fighting At Denaby

August 1893

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 11 August 1893

Fighting At Denaby

Edwd. Lloyd was summoned for making an affray at Denaby on the 24th.

Prisoner pleaded guilty, and P.c. Midgley proved the case.

He was bound over to keep the peace in the sum £5, and was discharged on the payment of costs.

Wm. Long and Frank Dole were also charged with making an affray at Denaby on the 28th.

One of the defendants pleaded guilty, and the other not guilty. PC  Shuttleworth said on the 28th of last month, near the Reresby Arms, he saw the two defendants fighting. They were separated by the company round them. He then requested Dole to go home, but he refused, and did not go till he was assisted.

Cross examined by Dole : He did not come up to him and say, “I give this man in custody for hitting me He did not go home until assisted.”

Dole said that he was stood with his back towards Reresby Arms when the other defendant came up to him and said. “What have you got to say about my sister’s child now ; I will cut your b– head off for two pins.” To which he replied, “ I have said now’t about your sisters. I have got sisters myself, and I want to say now’t, nor do now’t.”

The other defendant said he was not going to allow any man to talk about his sister’s child in the way in which the other defendant talked of it.

They were each bound over to keep the peace in a sum of £5, and discharged on payment of the costs.