Filling Station Resited – Important Road Junction Improvements (pictures)

May 1957

South Yorkshire Times: Saturday, May 25, 1957

Filling Station Resited
Conisbrough Garage Proprietors Enterprising Developments
Important Road Junction Improvements

As important improvement at the busy Doncaster Sheffield main road junction at Conisbrough has resulted from the enterprise of Conisbrough Motor Company Ltd., in re-siting their petrol filling station there.

The re-siting of the station at the junction of Clifton Hill in Sheffield is making two big differences from the time where motorist filled up their vehicles by the side of the main road. The principal factor of the change is road safety and the avoidance of congestion at this heavily used spot. The other factor is that improved service is now available as a motorist can pull up and get filled up off the road. Service will be speedier as there are drives in on either side of the petrol pumps.

Mr E. Whyers, a director of Conisbrough Motor Company, told a “South Yorkshire times” reporter this week that the main idea of the change was the clearing of the congestion on the corner, and now that the pumps were situated in a “drive in” more cars could be attended to at one time and consequently they could give much better service.

Complete Service

And the service is now complete, Mr Whyers said they were calling it a “one-stop garage” where motorists could have everything done to their vehicle in one-stop: filling up with petrol, a change of tyres, batteries charged, oils changed or topped up and in fact everything that could be done to a car could be done there.

At the rear of the filling station is a well equipped repairs and maintenance garage with a full staff of mechanics and the shop is equipped with almost anything for a motor vehicle.

The new filling station was unofficially opened on Sunday and Mr Whyers said that there would probably be an official opening later. Many motorists had already told Mr Whyers what a big improvement the new arrangement was.


This petrol filling station is the oldest filling station in the Conisbrough district and was opened in the days when there were no petrol pumps but dozens of petrol cans were used. It had now been turned from the oldest to the newest. It was remarked at a recent meeting of Conisbrough road safety committee that the new site would be a vast improvement on the old one and the committee welcomed the resetting of the filling station as another measure to making the dangerous corner more safe.

Main Contractors

The main contractors for the new station have been Messrs. T. Jenkinson and Sons (Doncaster) Ltd., of Bentley Road, Doncaster. The contract involved the complete installation of four 3,000 gallon fuel tanks for Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd, and the construction of concrete pavings, fuel island, boundary walls and road crossings to the forecourt area of the filling station, together with sales department, for the Conisbrough Motor Co.

With regard to the first part of the contract, the proximity of the tanks to existing buildings incurred extensive underpinning of old foundation brickwork. Due to the restricted area of the site, considerable care had to be taken to adjoining property while excavating for the tank chambers, the concrete floors of which were laid at a depth of 10 ft. The tank Chambers were constructed in 9 inch brickwork with reinforced concrete paving.