Films On Club Life – ‘Shots’ Taken at Denaby and Cadeby

July 1946

South Yorkshire Times, July 13th, 1946

Films On Club Life.
‘Shots’ Taken at Denaby and Cadeby.

‘Ace of Clubs’ is to be the title of the new documentary film produced by Hope and Anchor Breweries of Sheffield, and directed by Mr. Leonard Lake. The film deals with various aspects of club life and most of the shots have, and will, centre round South Yorkshire clubs.

On Tuesday the camera was to be seen shooting at Cadeby Pit. Here, among others, shots of trainees receiving instruction, pulley wheels in action, miners coming off shift, handing in their checks and their lamps, then going on to the baths, were taken.

In the evening shots were taken at the Welfare in Denaby, of cricketers, spectators, and a boxing match. The first couple into the ring were two young lads, Connelly and Johnson. Shots of the fight, of the referee, Mr. Jack Gough, and of the boxers receiving attention between the rounds were taken. The result of this fight was a draw. Next into the ring were two heavy-weights, Bob McAroff of Tinsley and Ginger Mallinson, a Middle East Army champion. Mallinson stood up well to his opponent, though he lost to the younger McAroff.

The Welfare was one of the four clubs featured in the film. Shots have also been taken at Wadsley bowling scenes, at Hillsborough for golf, and at Owlerton for greyhound racing.
The film will probably be released at the end of September and in October it will begin a seven months’ tour through out the country, chiefly in affiliated clubs. Those in South Yorkshire will be among the first to see it.