Fire at the Star Hotel

September 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 13, 1889

Fire at the Star Hotel

On Monday last much excitement was caused by a report that the Star Hotel was on fire, and dozens of people rushed to the scene ready to render assistance, but fortunately their help was not required.

It is suppose the origination of it was a slight explosion which took place under the copper in the cellar kitchen.

It was remarked an hour and 1/2 before any suspicion of fire that there was a smell of burning, but no further notice was taken into volumes of smoke was seen issuing through the bottling house floor.

An alarm was quickly raised, Mr Williams with the assistance of a few bystanders obtain some water and quickly got to the root of the fire, which was found to be a lot of rubbish that had ignited, but how, no one could tell.