Fire in Low Road

December 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 14, 1928

Fire in Low Road

The Fire discovered last week on the refuse tip adjoining the Mill Dam in Low Road was not without its humorous side.

Smoke and flames were observed issuing from the hollow where for months the refuse has been deposited, and though there was no apparent danger there was annoyance to resident to residents in the vicinity —for an obnoxious aroma arose.

The dam fed by Kearsley Brooke offered a plentiful supply of water, but our manual Fire engine was not suitable for pumping.

The difficulty has been solved very nicely by obtaining a steam fire engine from Mr H Mollekin, of Maltby which formerly did duty for the Rotherham Corporation.

It was persuaded to function late on Friday afternoon, and during the week-end valiantly stood up to the work so that the flames were subdued. Operations are still being continued and though the flames are out the odour is not.