Fire Watching Order

February 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – February 1st

Fire Watching Order

The regional Commissioner for the North-East area has decided that the new Order requiring every occupier of business premises to make arrangements for fire-fighting parties is going to be applied in certain specified areas in the region and Conisborough is one of the areas named.

In the Conisborough Urban district, therefore every occupier of business premises will be expected to make arrangements for fire parties.  The Order will shortly be put into force, and then occupiers of business premises with have 14 days in which to submit his scheme to the appropriate authority.

If proper arrangements cannot be made by getting volunteers or outside paid staff, it will become the duty of every man between 18 and 60 years old working on the premises to take his turn unless he is unfit or already doing civil defence duties, or is a Home Guard or a policeman.

The local authority will be required to see that  there are enough volunteer fire parties for private households and if there are not then every man of whatever ages are prescribed, with the same exceptions as those stated above, will have to enrol for firefighting duties and will have to do duty wherever the authority direct.

It is to be hoped that a sufficient number of volunteers will be forthcoming in the Conisborough area so as to avoid the necessity for the application of compulsion.